London. Our capital city. Historic and classic – cutting edge and fashion forward – Michelin Star dining and urban culture.   Venues for kings, city skyline parties for dreamers and exclusive access for ‘those who know’.

A private viewing of the Crown Jewels with Beefeater Guards and signature cocktails, a stunning operatic performance over dinner at Westminster Abbey, a conference session at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, a sumptuous BBQ on a roof top overlooking London, or something from a totally different perspective, London offers a world of choices and you can only be limited by your imagination….. 

Let us create something very special inspired by London and England’s rich and diverse offerings – created bespoke for you and your event.

2b DMC UK has been involved in bringing some fantastic incentives to life. We customize each program with consideration for group profile, size and budget, and we deliver them on target. Working with the UK’s finest venues and services, our dedication to you will ensure that your guests get the very best from our country and from your program.

So whether it is theatre in London for 40 VIPs, a dinner cruise on the Thames for 400 or St. Andrews in Scotland for a golf tournament, we will be able to assist because 2b DMC UK can deliver it all for you!