The Little Red Company

Ready for your close up!

Work with The Little Red Company’s experienced team of producers and presenters to create a custom digital or live event that delivers on the razzle-dazzle while high-kicking KPIs.

Digital events such as The Isolate Late Show can include a custom mix of live performance, interviews and audience interaction with pre-recorded segments and story packages to produce an engaging and entertaining variety show experience.

The Little Red Company is committed to shining the spotlight on your organisation and offers an array of opportunities for stakeholders, speakers and special guests to participate in the broadcast including:

Live Q&A session

Live crosses to multiple locations

Live or pre-recorded addresses and keynote speechesPre-recorded packages containing branded content

Targeted advertising and sponsor or corporate messaging

Each professionally packaged broadcast is presented LIVE so guests can interact with performers, hosts and guests and influence the show in real-time.

The Isolate Late Show is completely customised and fully scalable. The Little Red Company can also advise and incorporate in-home, add-on experiences for guests such as theming packs, social media assets and catering.

The Little Red Company was founded in 2012 and has grown to become one of Australia’s most celebrated independent full-service production houses with unrivalled experience across live performance and events.

The independent arts company redefines contemporary Australian cabaret, bringing together world-class artists from diverse backgrounds to create commercially viable productions of universal resonance.

Self-produced works including Rumour Has It, Wrecking
Ball, Lady Beatle, Christmas Actually and From Johnny to Jack have toured nationally and internationally to critical and audience acclaim. Co-founders Naomi Price and Adam Brunes bring a sharp blend of creative artistry, corporate nous and production acumen to the company.

The ingenuity and innovation demonstrated on stage is replicated behind-the-scenes with The Little Red Company constantly evolving to develop new opportunities and nurture creative relationships across disciplines.

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