URBAN GINGA* is an owner-managed and operated Performance Improvement and Destination Management Company that offers creative, practical and truly memorable incentives, rewards, travel and events that surprise and delight qualifiers, while driving business results and improving the bottom line.

With a true passion for travel, hospitality and exploration, coupled with over 21 years’ experience within the Incentive Travel and Destination Management industries, we are equipped to tailor-make experiences that will not only tick all the boxes, but offer the right balance of professionalism, commitment and knowledge to take your expectations to the next level.

Focused on your priorities, our goal is to deliver the exceptional experiences you want most by providing custom-designed incentives, rewards, events and strategic meetings management. Executed with faultless precision and an uncanny eye for detail to help you unlock the power of your investment, we will ensure that your sales incentive is a success from start to finish, utilising our extensive knowledge, as well as our professional relationships and local resources.

This is exemplified through our meticulous approach to ensure that each and every tailor-made experience is not only unforgettable, but also offers a return on investment. The team at URBAN GINGA will help you take your guests on an exclusive journey steeped in culture and authenticity – we want them to really get to know Southern Africa, and what makes it so incredibly special.

And not only do we personally handle all the logistics and organisation, we also seamlessly blend that with our carefully thought-out concepts – because we don’t just create programmes – we create experiences!

*GINGA (pronounced jin-ja) is rhythm. GINGA is creativity. GINGA is the opposite of boring. It is grace. It is being fluid and coordinated. IT IS SOUL.

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