Vietnamese Egg Coffee

A Hanoi Trip Combining Unique Tastes & Sublime Local Sounds

With sights like the Temple of Literature and the Old Quarters, a wander around Hanoi is a truly memorable experience. This experience delves a little deeper into the local culture by combining some unforgettably delicious tastes with hauntingly beautiful sounds.

Egg coffee may sound odd to a first-time visitor, but it’s a symbol of Hanoi and something everyone really must try. In a simple but cosy coffee shop with wooden chairs and tables, guests are treated to a one-hour hands-on workshop to make their own piping hot egg coffee.

This is a blend of egg yolks, condensed milk, cocoa powder and coffee made from the bracingly strong local beans, to make a creamy, luxurious drink that many people say reminds them of Italian tiramisu.

Next leg of the journey is a visit to a small house of celebrated musicians, which is virtually a miniature museum of traditional Vietnamese instruments. The host here comes from generations of flute makers.

He and his housemates are happy to chat about how they work, as well as a little of the music’s history. And they are, of course, delighted to regale their visitors with a performance of traditional Vietnamese melodies.

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