Yona Beach Club

Introducing Phuket’s Crown Jewel: Yona Beach Club

In a country where extraordinary is the norm, YONA beach club stands as a new opulent paradise on the shores of Phuket. Nestled on a multi-level boat and designed to cradle up to 300 guests in comfort, YONA is a floating paradise that must be witnessed to be fully appreciated. 

As the sun caresses the Andaman Sea, guests find their haven by the 22-metre infinity pool in their private cabana or pool bed. The rhythms of the DJ serenade the senses, a backdrop to the gentle clinks of cocktail glasses and the panoramic vista that unfolds before them. Venture up to the third-floor rooftop, where the view of the Andaman Sea greets you with awe-inspiring grandeur. 

For the discerning palate, YONA’s culinary offerings span Mediterranean, Thai, and Japanese cuisines. The talented team crafts dishes that are fresh, vibrant, and infused with the soul of each culture, perfect for a relaxed, communal style dining. 

Phuket offers the luxury of warm tropical breezes year-round, but the sweet spot for a visit is during the dry season, from November to April. 

Consider adding the YONA Beach Club into your next trip to Phuket, Thailand. The team at Destination Asia are ready to create the right program for your next group program. 

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