Jewelry Making Cambodia

Get Creative in Cambodia: An Artful Journey into Jewellery Making

Embark on an enchanting artistic journey at Ammo, a social enterprise nestled in Siem Reap. Here, the timeless craft of Cambodian jewellery-making springs to life, guided by senior designer Chantrea. Aspiring artisans find empowerment through hands-on training with traditional tools, sculpting one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

For over two decades, Cambodia has embraced a unique approach, repurposing bullets from local practice ranges as the foundational metal for jewellery. Untethered from wartime history, these recycled cartridges transform into a canvas for creative expression.

Picture the gratification as you shape raw materials into a personalised masterpiece. This immersive encounter not only enriches the local community but also etches enduring memories. Immerse yourself in the heart of Cambodia’s creativity, where each crafted piece narrates a distinctive story of skill, tradition, and empowerment, with our wonderful partner Destination Asia.

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