Japan has one of the world’s oldest and most unique cultures in the world, while possessing heaps of exotic appeal for meetings and incentives.

It is a place that remains mysterious to many and we can offer a glimpse into its past through activities such as geisha dinners and sumo lunches – experiences that are unique to Japan.

No other country in the world offers such a compelling fusion of modernity and tradition.

Why Japan?

  • Economically and politically stable whilst remarkably safe for international visitors.
  • Seamless fusion of modernity and ancient history make it the perfect location for high-quality yet distinctive and original events.
  • Cutting-edge services and immersive activities perfectly complement high-spec venues.
  • The simplicity and beauty of Japanese life alongside its close relationship to nature keep both seasoned and first-time travelers in awe.
  • We can organize a gala dinner or private party in one of Kyoto’s many stunning UNESCO World Heritage Sites.